Open House in March / Portes Obertes

Come learn more about our school!

Pere Vila is organizing two days in March where you can check out the playing areas, class rooms, canteen, library, garden, etc.

You’ll get to meet many of the people working here, see the kids in action, and ask aaaall the questions you may have.

You can also get in touch with us in the Parents association (AMPA) if you’d like to talk to us and ask questions.

We organize after school activities every day like basket, swimming classes, etc.

We also keep the school court and playground open from Monday to Thursday, 16:30 to 17:45, together with Laura. Stay and play! It’s free and all Pere Vila families are welcome.

Open House 2018: When?

  • March 2nd, 15:30
  • March 6th, 9:30

Just show up at the door, no need to book, etc.

Puertas abiertas escuelas barcelona

esports educacio fisica
Stay and play school activitiesLast year we started collaborating with Palau de la Música to further strengthen the Music Project that we started 2014.

Proyecto Tandem Palau de la Musica

Pastissos escola pere vila


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Patios abiertos: ¡Hola Laura!

¡Queríamos presentar “oficialmente” que Laura es la nueva coordinadora!

Tenemos la suerte de poder jugar en los patios del cole a partir de 16:30.

Los referentes del AMPA durante los patios abiertos son la Marcela los lunes y Laura el resto de días de la semana.

Dani sigue como coordinador del menjador.

Recordaros que hay que hacer un uso responsable de las instalaciones comunes (sorral, pistas, aseos, etc.).

A las 17:45 horas se cerrará la reja de la escuela. Quien quiera,
puede continuar jugando en el pasillo central de la biblioteca 🙂




Go Pere Vila, our school’s performance is Mid-High!

The other day El Pais ran an article about Barcelona’s public schools.

In the search engine here you can compare the test results for all the 6th graders.

Guess which school stands out in a positive way?

Pere Vila!

Great work everyone, keep it up 🙂

Full article in catalan here, thanks Marie-Klara for finding it