12 + 15 de febrer no hi ha escola

  • Divendres 12 de febrer (Sta. Eulàlia)
  • Dilluns 15 de febrer (dia de lliure disposició)

no hi ha escola.No hi ha escola el 12 + 15 de febrer

Al febrer, gegants i gegantes, capgrossos, dracs, diables, colles sardanistes i altres expressions de la cultura popular es desperten per celebrar la Festa Major d’hivern en honor de santa Eulàlia, copatrona de la ciutat.

Decorating Pere Vila for the holidays!

So with Christmas holidays around the corner it’s time to get Pere Vila into the right holiday spirit. We met up in the small theatre (above the library) and the kids poured the best of their creativity into some fancy decorations:

As you can see from the last pic, it was daaark by the time we let the kids leave. Great work everyone!

Feel like helping to decorate a bit more? There’s still time!